T.A Humic Acid 100 ml

Terra Aquatica GHE
100 ml


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Humic, from GHE, is a natural source of Humic Acids. Suitable for use in hydroponic systems, soil or coco. Derived from a new natural source of humic acid, wood! GHE Humic provides a clean product, free of residues.

Humic is an excellent source of Humates derived from a new, natural, sustainable source : sawdust!

This new technology provides a clean product, free of residues, and of course uses a totally sustainable supply.

Containing nothing but pure ligno-humate organic compounds with an exceptionally high percentage of plant-active humates, Humic improves nutrient absorption, stimulates microbial activity, promotes open soil structure, increases nutrient retention and reduce water usage. Additionally, Humic can be utilized as a powerful additive for making compost.

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